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  • Company
    Duho Kim
    CEO, Ph.D. Founder
    Samsung Electronics

    Expert on communication IC design such as RF front- end, mixed-signal circuits, optical front-end, and high- speed interconnect.

  • Company
    Kwang-Chun Choi
    VP, Ph.D. co-founder
    Samsung Electronics

    Expert on mixed-signal circuit design such as SERDES, CDR, PLL, ADC, DAC, optical front-end circuits, and optical assembly.

  • Company
    Pyungsu Han
    CTO, Ph.D.
    LG Electronics

    Expert on high-speed interface IP such as HDMI, DisplayPort, D-PHY, and V-by-one and design verification and validation.

  • Company
    Jae-Young Kim
    Executive Director, Ph.D.
    NTT Device Technology labs
    Rohm Semiconducor

    Expert on ultra-high-frequency device design, fabrication and characterization, and optical and RF communication systems design.

  • Company
    Changkyung Seong
    Executive Director, Ph.D.
    Samsung Electronics

    Expert on mixed-signal circuit design such as SERDES, CDR, PLL and Equalizers, and IP design verification and validation.

  • Company
    Wooseok Kim
    Director, M.S.
    Fairchild Semiconductor Analog Device Inc. Samsung Electronics

    Expert on analog IC design such as power management IC, analog amp, reference voltage generator, supply regulator, and IC reliability test.

  • Company
    JaeChul Lee
    Executive Director M.S.
    Samsung Electronics

    Expert on video/display display peripheral controller and MAC and PCS layer design.

  • Company
    Ryan (il hyun) Kyung
    Executive Director
    Wellang Co., ltd
    DMB Technology Co. Itd

    Expert on business development such as sales & marketing, purchasing & procurement in power management IC fabless.

  • Company
    Hyejin Chung
    Finance & Strategy Director
    Shinhan bank

    Expert on corporate finance such as corporate loan, imports & exports, mezzanine, funding, IR and IPO.

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